LUCIDUM Wall light
Illuminating 1400 years of history

Following its careful restoration in 2014, the monastery’s 100-metre cross-vaulted passage was opened to the public. The new lighting contributes to this gesture of welcome by highlighting the historic Baroque building in various ways. Extremely efficient uplighters were custom-designed to align with the radii of the ceiling vaults and accentuate the architectural forms of the passage and the details of its materials. Unobtrusive in appearance and complementing the new oak doors, the special lights can also be seen on closer inspection to feature delicate brass ornamentation which while recalling the design of the monastery’s coat of arms and the vaulted ceiling also functions as a cooling element.

Year 2016
Sector Architecture lighting, Product design
Mandate Light planning, Product design, Lamp manufacturing
Client Benedictine monastery Disentis
Architect Timon Reichle
Photographie Christian Reichenbach
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