«I find it compelling to compress ideas with enough force to create something solid»


Martin Nievergelt founded his design studio for lights, lamps and furniture in 2008 and combines working on commission with developing his own lighting and furniture collection.

His products have already won a number of design awards and can be found in many well-known buildings, including the Belvoir hotel management school in Zurich, Roche Diagnostics in Rotkreuz and the Disentis Benedictine monastery.

His theoretical knowledge and practical skills were honed through an apprenticeship as an interior decoration, a degree in interior design, scenography and furniture design, a Master of Arts degree in design, and several years of coaching courses. Parallel to his professional experience Martin has taught at the Basel Academy of Art and Design from 2009 to 2019.

The global Conscious Planet project, which focuses on protecting soil, is supported by Martin with great confidence and personal commitment.


Martin designs, constructs and manufactures lights and furniture on commission as well as independently realising his own designs, both for series production and one-off unique items. And Martin also designs interior architecture and lighting installations – especially where careful attention to aesthetics and the preservation of historic monuments is a requirement, and when conventionally available products fall short or specialist solutions are needed.

Representing the value of the constant and inspired by new manufacturing opportunities, he creates contemporary Swiss design and compelling spatial experiences.